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NRI Copyrights

April 28, 2011


I am looking at the Novinium web site and the “Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions” (NRIs) say they cannot be duplicated without prior approval.

My power distribution firm is a user of Novinium technology and I would like to request approval for my firm to copy and distribute information from your web site that may aid us in training and preparing work practices for our crews.

Can you find it in your cold heart to grant me permission?



Your heart is always the same temperature—how boring is that? I feel for your temperature and your copyright plight.

Novinium is pleased to grant approval to our customers to copy and distribute information from the Novinium web site that may aid them in training and preparing work practices for their field crews. Just write to your sales professional to make a formal request and they will respond with the required permission in short order. Please be aware that the NRIs are living documents, which are continuously updated as new technologies and techniques are improved and perfected. The last edit date of each NRI is provided on the NRI web page. The NRI end-user should check the date of printed copies against this last edit date to assure that the most up-to-date instructions are being utilized.

Novinium field teams have access to the latest NRIs electronically through our state-of-the art Knomentous/FDE software. Knomentous is the Novinium Injection Tracking System and FDE is our “Field Date Entry” module. The FDE module provides electronic access to the system even when our teams are not directly connected to the internet.