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Novinium founders and employees have conceived and developed virtually all of the commercially significant cable rejuvenation technology used around the world over the last 25 years. Since 2003 when the early seeds of Novinium were planted, these same inventors have been continually advancing the state-of-the-art – Safer … Faster … Better. The advanced technologies practiced by Novinium, its partners, and its licensees are Novinium’s exclusive intellectual property and are protected by at least 13 granted or pending patents including, but not limited to, the following published patents, published patent applications, or unpublished applications and the foreign equivalents thereof:

  • Ultrinium™ sustained pressure injection method (U.S. patents 7,615,247 and 8,205,326)
  • Ultrinium™ formulation optimization injection method (U.S. patent 7,611,748)
  • Injection Adaptor (U.S. patents 7,195,504, 7,538,274 and 7,683,260)
  • Perfectium™ single visit, single switch injection (U.S. patent 7,353,601)
  • Formulation of Ultrinium™ & Perficio™ components (U.S. method patents 7,658,808, 7,700,871 and 8,101,034)
  • Predicting performance of Electrical Power cables (U.S. patents 7,643,977 and 7,848,912)
  • N-Rex™ submarine cable injection process (U.S. patent 7,976,747)
  • N-Ter™ injection or Novinium thermally enhanced rejuvenation (U.S. patent 8,572,842)
  • Reticular Flash Preventer (RFP) provides safer operation of conventional injection elbows (U.S. patent 8,475,194)

Copies of the published documents cited above are available from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and foreign patent authorities. The Novinium commitment to R&D continues and new patented technology will be rolled out as those novel advances are reduced to practice. For inquiries regarding licensing Novinium technology, send your contact information and the nature of your request to .
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The Novinium technology described on these pages includes patented and patent pending technologies.