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PPL Rejuvenates Power Lines with Cable Curing Process

June 18, 2014

PPL Rejuvenates Power Lines with Cable Curing Process

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OREFIELD, Pa. – PPL is injecting new life into its underground electric cables in Lehigh County.

A crew was out on Willow Way in Orefield Wednesday afternoon doing “cable curing.”

It’s the process of injecting silicone fluid into the cable to increase its life expectancy.  The fluid is provided by Novinium from Kent, WA.

PPL officials say cable curing is a way to prevent future problems.

“Over time, the cables start to deteriorate and break down and when that happens, we have a greater likelihood for a short circuit or a power outage,” said Sarah Filszar, regional director of operations for PPL.

PPL officials say it’s also cost-effective, costing about half of what it would cost to replace the cable.

Cable curing is an on-going process throughout the counties.

Novinium Cablecure process at PPL