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Rehabilitation: The 3R’s

October 28, 2008

Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC)
Subcommittee A
by Glen J. Bertini and Richard K. Brinton
October 28, 2008

There are over 2 billion feet of aging underground power cable in North America. This large quantity of cable must be rehabilitated for the circuits to continue to provide a reliable electric supply. This paper provides a strategic paradigm for optimal use of capital to tackle this problem. Re-evaluate, Rejuvenate, and Replace are the 3R’s of an advanced tactical rehabilitation program, which provides the optimum benefit-to-cost ratio. An improved set of materials and processes are introduced to rejuvenate cables with unsustained pressure for the few cases where the more advanced sustained pressure rejuvenation method is difficult to implement.

  • Integrated methods to provide greatest reliability with greatest capital efficiency
  • Flow through splices without safety compromises
  • Reticular flash preventer (RFP) eliminates flash-over risk
  • Elimination of soak period yields significant safety advantages

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