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Sulphur Springs Valley Rejuvenates Underground Cable

October 1, 2008

RE Magazine, October 2008 Issue

Rejuvenating an Underground Cable Project

An underground power cable connecting an upscale Arizona subdivision to Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative distribution lines was getting old, and failures were becoming more frequent. To solve the problem, Pete Swiatek, maintenance & operations supervisor at the Willcox, Ariz.-based co-op, decided to test a cable-life extension injection system from Novinium.

“We assigned the task to the same crew that worked with our previous injection company to gain an apples-to-apples comparison of the two methods,” Swiatek says. “The crew reported that while the Novinium initial setup time was somewhat longer, the total time spent per segment was much less. The Novinium approach did not require the crew to return to the transformer multiple times. They got in and got out.”

The Novinium process also allowed for all equipment to be quickly loaded in the back of a pickup each day. “A larger vehicle to haul injection bottles was not required because the same injection bottle is used on every run,” Swiatek adds. “Its procedures left little room for error and produced detailed project records.”

He continues, “Novinium’s process was also good at locating splices. In fact, we found two splices that previously were unknown.”

The entire subdivision project took only six and a half days.

“Despite being short a person one day, the project moved ahead according to plan,” Swiatek sums up “That meant real cost savings for us.”

Contact: Novinium , 253-395-0200,; or Pete Swiatek, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric, 520-459-0973.