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Rejuvenation Upgrade

October 19, 2017

Rejuvenation Upgrade PaperAbstract—Rejuvenation technology has advanced considerably over the last decade. Field and laboratory data demonstrate that modern rejuvenation technology outperforms the venerable approach introduced over thirty years ago by the author and his colleagues. Reliability has improved two-fold and anticipated post-rejuvenation life has doubled. Many cables that were rejuvenated in the late 1980’s through the turn of the century have delivered their anticipated two decades or more of reliable service. What is a circuit owner to do when the previous generation of life extension has fulfilled its role and legacy rejuvenated cable is back in the pool of at risk cables? Of course, the circuit owner can replace the cable at considerable capital expense, or the cable can be upgraded with the next generation of rejuvenation technology. The next-gen fluids include powerful anti-oxidants, voltage stabilizers, stress-smoothing technology, and partial discharge suppression technology that were not available in the older technology.

The case for a rejuvenation upgrade is even more compelling than the original case for treatment. Thirty years of experience all but eliminate the technology risk. A cable’s neutral condition has a baseline measurement which can be compared to the current condition. This comparison allows accurate extrapolation to future periods. Next-gen fluids are designed to deal with all significant aging mechanisms including ephemeral partial discharge. A cable’s suitability to be treated is pre-established. Early field results will be reviewed.

by Glen Bertini, President and CEO, Novinium

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