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Safety Resources

Safety is our first priority at Novinium. Our goal is to ensure a healthy, injury-free environment for all Novinium employees, subcontractors, customers, and the public. We continuously look for ways to use technology to enhance field safety—for example, by using “as-isolated” photographs to provide real-time documentation of proper electrical isolation techniques.

We also aim to set the highest possible industry standard through safety-related processes and equipment that protect the lives of all lineworkers dealing with medium-voltage underground power.

Novinium’s 10 Commitments to Electrical Safety

In our mission to keep all lineworkers safe, we are happy to share our 10 Commitments to Electrical Safety. Every Novinium team member receives extensive training on these best practices and is required to follow them rigorously.

Safety Data Sheets

All of Novinium’s proprietary fluids are designed to be as safe as possible for people, property, and the environment when used and handled properly. Complete safety data sheets for every Novinium injection fluid, with detailed information about ingredients, potential hazards, recommended personal and environmental precautions, first aid measures, accidental spillage and cleanup procedures, and safe handling and storage, are available upon request.

Novinium Observation Based Safety

Every Novinium employee is actively involved in building a strong culture of safety company-wide through our Novinium Observation Based Safety (NOBS) program.