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Novinium Observation Based Safety (NOBS)

Safety is our most important value at Novinium.

Novinium Observation Based Safety (NOBS)Building that culture of safety is the goal of our Novinium Observation Based Safety (NOBS) process. This company-wide process is based upon the Values-Based Safety system, which looks at employees’ core behaviors during their normal routines. This allows us to analyze situations that present safety issues in an ABC format, where:

  • “A” is the antecedent of the behavior — why the behavior happens.
  • “B” is the behavior itself.
  • “C” is the consequence of the behavior.
Employees observe one another and then give quick and gentle feedback about what they saw. The process is meant to teach and praise, rather than criticize and discipline. Employees are recognized for their NOBS participation and encouraged to give their improvement feedback. Everyone at Novinium is involved to keep safety a top priority.