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Cablecure 732

Cablecure 732 fluids, formerly known as Novinium’s Ultrinium 732 formulation, is a revolutionary injection-fluid technology and the choice for the most demanding applications. Cablecure 732 fluid provides the longest extension of cable life available, at the lowest risk. It delivers a warranty of up to 40 years, depending on the injection method used. Cablecure 732 is used on cables up to 250 MCM.

Advantages of Cablecure 732

  • The most advanced cable-rejuvenation fluid on the market, providing the best cable reliability
  • Three different life-extension materials that repair water-tree damage
  • Five materials to upgrade the cable with elements found in today’s new cable
  • More than two times the life extension of the Cablecure iXL fluid
  • A flash point at 85°C
  • Not flammable per OSHA and DOT regulations
  • Contains no known carcinogens or reproductive toxins

Cablecure 732 is the only injection fluid that is engineered to provide additional benefits to injected cable such as:

  • Voltage stabilizers
  • Stress reduction technology
  • Partial discharge suppression
  • UV protection, including ultraviolet absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers
  • Antioxidants
  • Chain entanglement additives, which increase the efficacy and longevity of the rejuvenation process

Safety Data Sheets

Click the link below to download a copy of the SDS.

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Cablecure 732 is backed by a 40-year warranty when combined with the SPR process.

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Cablecure 732 may be used with Novinium’s patented SPR and iUPR processes.

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