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Cablecure iXL

Cablecure iXL, formerly known as Novinium’s Perficio 011 formulation, is an evolutionary injection fluid that delivers a long-term performance advantage extending useful cable life up to 25 years.

To learn more about how Novinium has developed improvements to cable rejuvenation, see Advances in Chemical Rejuvenation: Extending Medium Voltage Cable Life 40 Years, presented in Versailles, France, at the Jicable Conference on June 26, 2007.

Advantages of Cablecure iXL

  • Two life-extension components repair water-tree damage and disrupt the inception of partial discharges.
  • Two components upgrade the existing cable with materials found in today’s new cable.
  • An improved, patented catalyst technology eliminates soak periods—no soak bottles used, none left behind.
  • Catalyst efficiency delivers more active ingredients faster and holds more fluid in the cable longer.
  • With a flash point of 65°C, Cablecure iXL is not flammable per OSHA or DOT regulations.
  • Cablecure iXL provides 25 years of reliable life in nondemanding applications, including low-load and nonthermic soils.

Safety Data Sheet

Cablecure iXL is an evolutionary injection fluid and delivers a long-term performance advantage in excess of 30% compared to the older silicone injection approach.

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Less demanding applications may utilize Cablecure iXL fluid. Novinium provides a lesser warranty for these applications, where only 20-25 years of life extension are required for proactive or preventative life extension in lightly loaded cables in cool soils.

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Cablecure iXL can be used with Novinium’s patented iUPR or SPR processes.

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