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Novinium Certified Components


Novinium certified components have passed the highest levels of rigorous testing to assure reliable operation. The testing protocols were developed in consultation with the major component manufacturers, third-party testing laboratories, and industry experts. Component manufacturers including Hubbell, Cooper Power Systems, 3M, Richards Manufacturing, Prysmian, Tyco Electronics, DSG Canusa, Elastimold, and others agree that Novinium injection technology is in harmony with the design requirements of the components in which they are installed.


Novinium certifies components that have been third party tested to the ANSI C119.4 test protocol at NEETRAC to assure outstanding thermal and electrical performance. We expect more from our components so our test protocol doubled the number of thermal cycles versus the ANSI C119.4 requirement.  Utilizing a patented circumferential swaging process, Novinium technology provides an electrical connection that is superior to conventional crimping methods.  To prove that superior performance, we went back to NEETRAC to have our terminations and splices tested at 110°C and 130°C – we passed easily.   View our test reports here. To learn more about NEETRAC, visit


Next, the patented Novinium injection adapter compression connector assembly (IA assembly) is installed by skilled craftsperson in every component. The entire assembly is sliced in half with state-of-the-art abrasive water jet technology. The dimensions are measured and examined in detail by a licensed professional engineer. The IA assembly must fit well within the conductive insert, and must fall within the specified diameter range of the component manufacturer.


Craftspeople use a life-size template of the certified component when installing each component. The template provides both pre-swage and post-swage dimensions as a go/no-go gauge of exact dimensions. This way we “measure twice and cut once” and then lay the finished work alongside the template to assure the final dimensions are within the required tolerances. This is a more rigorous approach to quality than the industry standard method.


Finally, the entire process is fully documented and entirely transparent. The installation procedures are available at in the Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRIs). Novinium Certified component templates are also available.