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Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRIs)


The idea of rejuvenating cables to better-than-new performance might seem too good to be true, but it is a clear and proven scientific process. Our Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRIs) detail exactly what we do and how we do it.

If there is no hyperlink, the NRI is only available within the Knomentous portal. The NRI’s are continually updated to comply with regulatory changes, and to incorporate technological and procedural improvements. It is best not to rely upon printed copies of any given NRI to be up-to-date. Always check to ensure that the most current version of a particular NRI is being used before beginning work.

General: 100 – 199

  • The NoBS Process – NRI 100
  • Cablecure Definitions and Acronyms – NRI 110
  • How NRIs, PDs, and EBs Work – NRI 130

Diagnostics and Locating: 200-299

Fluid and Pressure: 300-399

Equipment and Accessories: 400-499

Craftwork: 500-599

Injection Procedures: 600-699

Post-Injection: 700-799

  • Failure Sample Handling – NRI 700
  • Cutting a Treated Cable – NRI 710

Other Equipment: 800-899