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Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR)

Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) is patented, second-generation process that significantly increases the reliability of the injected cable and increases safety during injection.

SPR can be used with either Cablecure iXL or Cablecure 732 injection fluids. The selected fluid is injected and confined to cable segments under tailored, moderate pressure.

Our SPR process significantly increases cable reliability. The process is completed in a single visit, and the cable’s full dielectric strength is restored in seven days.


  • Full dielectric strength is restored in just seven days.
  • Injection is completed in a single day.
  • Single switching—the transformer is opened only once.
  • Less fire risk—improved component designs reduce flashover and fire risks during injection.
  • Injection fluid is nonflammable and is confined to cable segments only. Fluid does not flow into cable accessories or splice bodies.
  • No soak tanks or bottles are used, so nothing is left behind.
  • New standard elbows and splice kits are installed on rejuvenated cable segments.
  • The process can be performed postfailure and still qualify for capitalization treatment from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


  1. Isolate, test, and ground the cable.
  2. Use a TDR device to check every segment for splices, neutral corrosion, and length.
  3. Splices are pinpointed by using a RF locator and a measuring wheel.
  4. Dig a pit to expose and remove the old splice.
  5. Use a radial press to install new injection adaptors and a splice connector.
  6. Craftwork is verified with a template for each termination.
  7. Position the injection tools.
  8. Inject each subsegment at moderate pressure. For a 300-foot segment (100 meters) it typically takes 30 minutes or less for the injection fluid to reach the other end of the cable segment.
  9. Remove the equipment after injection, complete the installation of the splice, and install standard elbows at each end.
  10. Re-energize the cable, restore the pit, and move to the next segment.