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Novinium craftwork templatesNovinium uses life-sized templates, which provide exact pre-swage and post-swage dimensions, to install every Novinium Certified component. Novinium craftspeople compare the finished work to the template to ensure final dimensions are within the required tolerances. This is a more rigorous approach to quality than the industry standard.

Novinium’s advanced cable rejuvenation technology is compatible with almost all live-front terminations. See NRIs 541-543, 561, and 563 for live-front termination installation instructions.

Contact to get the correct template for your component and injection process combination.

Note: Each template must be printed on the specified paper size.

Template Samples

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Caution: Working around energized high-voltage systems may cause serious injury or death. Installation should be performed by trained personnel using safety best practices for handling high-voltage electrical equipment. De-energize, test and ground all electrical systems before installing injection adapters.