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Runway Rejuvenation: Cables Secure Critical Airport Infrastructure

November 20, 2015

Runway RejuvenationRunway Rejuvenation: Cables Secure Critical Airport Infrastructure“, Power Grid International, November 2015

After careful examination of the electrical power cable supplying the airport, DP&L determined that more than 40,000 feet of cable in two feeders needed to be replaced or rejuvenated and it was critical that it be done quickly. Ultimately, the utility determined the project needed to be completed in less than two months, leaving little time for planning and project completion.

Electrical cable rejuvenation is an alternative to cable replacement that restores feeder cable to its full dielectric strength for a fraction of the cost of cable replacement with minimal operational disruption. DP&L had completed a feeder cable rejuvenation project a few years earlier and given the short timeline for this project decided that rejuvenation was the best alternative in this case. The utility chose to rejuvenate both the 1,000 circular mils (MCM) and 500 MCM feeder cables supplying the airport. It chose Novinium to execute the cable rejuvenation.

Norman E. Keitges is technical services manager at Novinium. He has been an engineering and project manager for more than 30 years specializing in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, R&D and new product development. His projects include everything from submarine power cables connecting islands to mainland grids, wind power generation, motion control, wireless control systems and power transmission. Keitges was recently awarded a patent for enhancing injection of power cables (N-Ter™ process). He is an IEEE senior member, an ICC-Power & Engineering Society presenter and holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University.

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