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Salt River Project Exceeds 7 Million Feet of CableCURE Treated Cables

September 30, 2013

Salt River Project Exceeds 7 Million Feet of CableCURE® Treated Cables

Kent, Washington, USA — September 2013 — Salt River Project (SRP) in Phoenix, AZ started injecting cables with CableCURE® Fluid (Novinium Inc, Kent, WA) in 1998. At that time, they were experiencing more than 800 faults per year on primary underground residential distribution (URD) cables. The cable failures were increasing and they needed to mitigate the problem or face increasing customer dissatisfaction. Fifteen years later, in September 2013, SRP and Novinium have partnered to successfully inject 7 million feet of aged primary URD cable with CableCURE fluid saving SRP hundreds of millions of dollars in potential cable replacement costs.

Rick Hudson, Engineering Supervisor/SRP, stated, “I can’t think of any other sustained partnership that SRP has maintained for 15 years!” This is a testament to the reliability impact that the rejuvenation of the cables once treated with CableCURE fluid can have on already aged cable assets. Failure rates are under control at SRP and this is due in part to the injection program that was started back in 1998 with Novinium. Rick continued, “The supervision and long term lead of employees like Mark McClure (Team Leader) have cemented the continuing nature of our relationship. His concern for the safety of his men and their equipment and our assets meets the same level of commitment to safety expected from our own personnel”. Rick continued, “The follow through and level of importance given to SRP from Novinium management is amazing. They always have a sense of urgency in reacting quickly and thoroughly to any concerns we may share with them”.

Rick is consistently impressed with the attitude displayed by Novinium folks. When issues arise, Novinium adheres to a response of “How can we change that outcome” or “What can we do to make this process better”? As a result, 15 years of partnership can lead to an amazing accomplishment like reaching 7 million feet of successfully injected cable or to put it another way having over 1,325 miles of CableCURE injected cable still operating without failure today. Outages in the areas served by this cable are under better control thanks to the CableCURE process.

This excellent partnership has thrived for 15 years and 7 million feet and both partners are committed to continuing this relationship through the foreseeable future. SRP hopes to continue to control the number of URD failures they experience and Novinium plans to continue to help them through this process in the same consistent and safe manner that both partners have demonstrated to date.

SRP is the third-largest public power utility in the nation, serving nearly 970,000 customers in Maricopa and Pinal counties.


About Novinium:
Novinium’s technology solutions address circuit owners’ infrastructure problems at a fraction of the cost of existing methods, save energy, save natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating the need for additional production of copper and polymers for new cables. Founded in 2003 by the experts who invented cable rejuvenation at Dow Corning in the 1980s, Novinium’s patented injection process rejuvenates and extends the reliable life of cable up to 40 years. Headquartered in suburban Seattle, the privately held company is the recognized technology leader in cable rejuvenation and was honored as one of Seattle’s 2013 Best Places to Work. Further information is available at