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Plenovo, A Novinium Company


The successful launch of the PreVent® Manhole Event Prevention system has led to the creation of Plenovo, a Novinium company.

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Stopping Manhole Events Before They Happen

PreVent is a holistic smart solution designed to help utilities protect people and property from dangerous manhole events. PreVent patent pending technology improves public safety and network reliability by actively stopping manhole events from occurring. Our cloud-based wirelessly connected design monitors and prevents the accumulation of combustible gases, limits exposure to water, salt water, and debris to reduce the risk of secondary cable failure, and provides data analytics for smart asset management.

Watch TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen as he reports that cities across the country are racing to tackle a potentially deadly safety hazard: exploding manhole covers.

PreVent is the only solution that actively prevents fires and explosions improving public safety.

qualifies as a capital expense and requires no costly retrofitting.

“While others address the question of how to keep manhole covers from going airborne during a manhole event, we challenged ourselves to prevent manhole events in the first place. PreVent hatched from that simple vision.”

Glen Bertini
CEO, President & Chairman

There are at least
2 million
electrical manholes in the U.S., and more than
secondary network manholes in the northern U.S. alone.

Webinar: Causes, Consequences, and Protecting Your System from Manhole Events

This on-demand webinar will take you step-by-step through the causes and consequences of manhole events — and how to accurately detect and prevent them.

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Secondary manhole events cost U.S. utilities an estimated
$150 Million
per year.
There are approximately
secondary manhole events in North America each year—that’s
11 per day!

Visit the new Plenovo website.