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Soak Period

October 28, 2010


soak periodAlso, what happens to the water that is in the cable once your fluid is injected? When your fluid meets the water does it chemically change into something? One more question please. Why is it that older injection methods leave soak bottles on for 60-90 days (and sometimes they forget to pick them up entirely) and you claim you have no soak bottles at all?


At first, Cablecure 732 fluid and Cablecure iXL fluid love water. These fluids react with water consuming it, and then they keep the water away as they preferentially wet the polymeric cable insulation. My colleagues at Novinium patented a new generation of catalyst technology (U.S. Patent 7,700,871) used in both the Cablecure 732 and Cablecure iXL fluids that eliminates the need for the unsavory soak periods. Soak periods are undesirable for a variety of safety and economic reasons.