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Ultrinium™ brand and Perficio™
brand fluids are safer to use
Tailored Formulation
Every solution that Novinium offers includes the double top secret Novinium Element. Safety is the number one design criterion for each Novinium product and service. Unlike older technology, all Novinium®-brand rejuvenation fluids are not flammable and all Ultrinium™-brand rejuvenation fluids contain no known carcinogens or reproductive toxins.

Novinium is proud to offer two power cable rejuvenation fluids. Keep an eye on this web site for the introduction of revolutionary technology for in situ strand filling of air-core copper telephone, fiber optic, and power cables. Solutions available now include:

Perficio™ 011 is evolutionary and delivers a long-term performance advantage in excess of 30% compared to the older silicone injection approach. Perficio™ 011 has all of the safety advantages Novinium and risk managers demand and the low fluid cost of the older technology. It’s cheaper, because the base chemical, phenylmethyldimethoxysilane or PMDMS, is a commodity, which is made in large quantities for 100's of other applications. But we improved the catalyst so the fluid supplied to the strands stays in the cable longer and we made it less flammable. To learn the details of how Novinium improved upon the older fluid, check out "Advances in Chemical Rejuvenation: Extending Medium Voltage Cable Life 40 Years" presented in Versailles France at the Jicable Conference on June 26, 2007. In non-demanding applications (low soil temperature and low load), Perficio™ 011 can provide 20 years of reliable life.

Ultrinium™ 732 and Ultrinium™ 733 fluid are revolutionary and are the fluid technology of choice for the most demanding applications. The silane chemicals of 732 and 733 are custom designed for the rejuvenation application. Sure that means they cost more, but they provides greater than 2 times the life extension of Perficio™ 011. 732 and 733 fluids are not flammable and contain no known carcinogens or reproductive toxins.

Tailored Injection
Novinium developed a patented method called Tailored Injection™ for delivering cable rejuvenation fluids utilizing either sustained pressure rejuvenation (SPR) or unsustained pressure rejuvenation (UPR). Tailored Injection™ assures that the correct fluid formulation and the optimum amount of cable rejuvenation fluid is available to provide the desired life extension. Tailored Injection™ is particularly critical for 7-strand and 19-strand cables. The chart near-by shows the robustness of each injection approach with each fluid as reflected by the warranted post-injection reliable life. The primary choices are Ultrinium™ 732 fluid delivered with Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) as a first choice and with Un-sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (UPR) as a second choice. For less demanding circumstances Perficio™ 011, can be delivered at a lower cost. For high temperature feeder applications (>60°C) Ultrinium™ 733 fluid provides the highest performance.

*Non-demanding applications only. Warranted life extension by injection paradigm (UPR or SPR) and fluid choice. SPR and Ultrinium™ 732 together provide the highest reliability and best capital efficiency for small diameter cables. **Ultrinium™ 733 is used for large diameter cables and where conductor temperatures may exceed 60°C.
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The Novinium technology described on these pages includes patented and patent pending technologies.