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Space Charge Discharge

June 3, 2011

Space Charge Discharge

Have you ever considered the beauty in science? Novinium’s inspiration comes from the confluence of mathematics, aesthetics, high energy physics, and cable degradation mechanisms. You read that right. You see, as cables fail, gloriously beautiful (aesthetics) fractal structures (mathematics) are created called electrical trees. Novinium knows better than anyone how to stop electrical trees from inception and propagation, but we also know how to make them. We used a particle accelerator (high energy physics) to inject massive space charges into our specimen. The space charges are violently grounded, and presto … electrical trees form spontaneously. Don’t try this at home kids.

Add a simple, but handsome mount and some cool blue lighting and we have a work of art. You don’t have to be a cable engineer to appreciate the beauty of this electric sculpture, but only a cable engineer will appreciate its value as a tool of understanding. Only a few have been made. Each is unique, thanks to the fractal mathematics that explain the discharge of space-charge.

With one of these beauties on your desk, everybody will want you to explain the nature of the sculpture. For the first time, people will visualize the cable degradation process and they will be more sympathetic to the plight of those aging miles of cable. Budgets for reliability will increase, and I will have catalyzed a long overdue Renaissance of reliability.

How would you like to have your limited edition, Space Charge Discharge sculpture? Talk to your friends at Novinium.