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“Tance” Is Your Friend

October 18, 2016

In a recent conversation on safety, CEO Glen Bertini discusses the science and experiences that drive the safety measures that Novinium implements. Follow through this classroom session as Mr. Bertini explains the physics of electrical contact and flash incidents and the purpose of the 10 Commitments.

A question-and-answer session followed to discuss these real-world scenarios.

The two “tances” that are our friends are Resistance and Distance. Those are the things that save us when something really bad happens.

– Glen Bertini, CEO, Novinium
Presenter, “Tance is Your Friend”

Part 1: A Quick Physics Question

Part 2: The Psychology Behind Commitments 8 and 9


Questions and Answers

1. If the Transformer is Dead, Do We Still Need to Cover it?


2. Is There a Minimum Requirement to the Number of Blankets?

3. Do You Have to Cover Up to Do Switching?

4. How Much of the Surrounding Area do We Have to Cover?

5. What if I Can’t Safely Cover Up?

6. Do Equipotential Mats Replace the Need to Cover Up an Isolate on Pad Mount Transformers?

7. Should We Worry About Excess Wear to Our Blankets?