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Novinium’s experts have published dozens of papers detailing the science behind cable rejuvenation, manhole events, neutral corrosion, and more.

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What the Heck is Cable Rejuvenation?

October 14, 2015

If only we could do for humans what we do for underground residential distribution (URD) cables. Imagine that as you approached the end of your life, you could drink a magic elixir and within a week you could perform at your peak in every way for another 40 years. That is precisely what Novinium® brand Cablecure® rejuvenation fluid does for URD cables. Your power utility has another option, it can replace the aging URD cable with new cable. The new cable will perform reliably, but installing it will tear up streets and landscaping, take a lot longer, squander scarce world resources, and cost 2 to 5-times more, which must ultimately be reflected in your electric rates. Cablecure rejuvenation is a safer, faster, and better alternative.

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Underground Distribution Reliability: The 5•Ps

May 7, 2007

Reconciling the financial considerations of the underground distribution circuit owner with the reliability needs of its customers has traditionally been viewed as a zero-sumgame with the circuit owner on one side and the electrical customer and the regulator on the other. This paper introduces a hierarchy of needs which allows an appropriate balance to be optimized and sustained … maximum reliability with the highest capital efficiency. Various strategic and tactical options may be viewed through the prism of the hierarchy of the 5•Ps (i.e. 5 cable populations: post-failure, problematic, preemptive, proactive, and preventative). A simple net present value (NPV) analysis is overlaid on the 5•Ps and quickly leads the circuit owner to the optimum strategic and tactical choices. Data from field experience provides validation of the models employed and benchmarks for the circuit owner to compare their own strategies and tactics.

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Total System Reliability Program for Underground Electrical Distribution Networks

August 31, 2015

A holistic approach is proposed to look at all components of the system to ensure increased reliability with improved impulse breakdown strength, allowing the asset manager to retrofit an existing system to today’s stricter standards. This holistic approach looks at everything in the distribution system and once corrective actions are complete, the aged systems are completely updated to comply with the latest standards and thinking regarding reliability issues. The ultimate goal is to eliminate an unscheduled electrical outage.

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Thermal Testing of Novinium Feeder Cable Splices on Service Aged 750kcmil XLPE Cable Extracted from the Georgia Power System

April 1, 2009

At the request of its members and with the assistance of Novinium Inc, NEETRAC has undertaken testing to determine the response of service-aged URD and Feeder cables to cable rejuvenation. This report describes thermal testing of Novinium Feeder Cable Splices on service aged 750kcmil XLPE cable extracted from the Georgia Power System using the procedures agreed upon by the NEETRAC members supporting the URD and Feeder project (07-136).

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Silicone Injection: Better with Pressure

May 19, 2009

Moderate pressure injection has been utilized for over two decades and has demonstrated several significant advantages over the low pressure inject-and-soak paradigm. In 2006 sustained moderate pressure injection further advanced rejuvenation technology, increasing post injection reliability. This paper traces the evolution of injection pressure in dielectric enhancement technology and compares the merits of the available delivery methods. The paper goes on to introduce the latest improvement in injection technology, thermally enhanced rejuvenation.

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RUS Letter Order Approving Capitalization of Novinium Brand Product

April 3, 2009

On September 4, 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), acting upon a request from the manufacturer, issued Docket No. AC08-143-000, approving the capitalization of the cost of the injection rehabilitation products for underground cable (URD) known by the product names Perficio and Ultrinium, which are manufactured by Novinium, Inc. Based on the actions of the FERC, the Rural Utilities Service now authorizes the capitalization of the cost of Perficio and Ultrinium injected into underground cable.

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Rejuvenation Upgrade Paper

Rejuvenation Upgrade

October 19, 2017

The case for a rejuvenation upgrade is even more compelling than the original case for treatment. Thirty years of experience all but eliminate the technology risk. A cable’s neutral condition has a baseline measurement which can be compared to the current condition. This comparison allows accurate extrapolation to future periods. Next-gen fluids are designed to deal with all significant aging mechanisms including ephemeral partial discharge. A cable’s suitability to be treated is pre-established. Early field results will be reviewed.

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Rejuvenation Reformulated

May 8, 2007

Over the last two decades the economical phenylmethyldimethoxysilane (PMDMS) has been used to extend the reliable life of over 75 million feet of medium voltage underground distribution cable. Materials with superior safety and reliability performance have been introduced and are rapidly supplanting the venerable PMDMS, just as tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TRXLPE) formulations replaced cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) in North America. But for the cost conscious circuit owners such as those in developing economies, the low cost of PMDMS may be attractive. This paper introduces a reformulation of the venerable and inexpensive PMDMS and demonstrates a substantial performance improvement. Finally, all three commercially available technologies are considered in an ingredient-by-ingredient comparison.

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Rehabilitation: The 3R’s

October 28, 2008

There are over 2 billion feet of aging underground power cable in North America. This large quantity of cable must be rehabilitated for the circuits to continue to provide a reliable electric supply. This paper provides a strategic paradigm for optimal use of capital to tackle this problem. Re-evaluate, Rejuvenate, and Replace are the 3R’s of an advanced tactical rehabilitation program, which provides the optimum benefit-to-cost ratio. An improved set of materials and processes are introduced to rejuvenate cables with unsustained pressure for the few cases where the more advanced sustained pressure rejuvenation method is difficult to implement.

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