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Thermal Testing of Novinium Feeder Cable Splices on Service Aged 750kcmil XLPE Cable Extracted from the Georgia Power System

April 1, 2009

Project Number: 09-019

Requested by: Glen Bertini, Novinium
Principal Investigator: Nigel Hampton
Reviewed by: Thomas Parker
April, 2009

At the request of its members and with the assistance of Novinium Inc, NEETRAC has undertaken testing to determine the response of service-aged URD and Feeder cables to cable rejuvenation. This report describes thermal testing of Novinium Feeder Cable Splices on service aged 750kcmil XLPE cable extracted from the Georgia Power System using the procedures agreed upon by the NEETRAC members supporting the URD and Feeder project (07-136).

  • High temperature performance
  • Cablecure® 733 fluid
  • Advanced injection adapters

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