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This Week in Utilities: October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017

Welcome back to “This Week in Utilities”. #TWIU

Every Friday, we round up the week’s best reads and most notable events occurring within the utilities and energy industries. Here’s what you may have missed this week:

FEATURE: Uptown Funk: Where will NYC get its peak demand capacity? | Utility Dive

Does New York City have sufficient resources to meet peak energy demand and, if not, how should any shortcoming be addressed? Those are two key questions facing energy planners for the Big Apple, with competing views on both. Read more from Herman K. Trabish after the jump.

READ:  As electric vehicles make a move to the mainstream, utilities are taking notice | Tech Crunch

In line with its strategic plan for 2018, Italian power giant Enel announced the purchase of a small, fast-growing California developer of charging stations and power management software.

Quotable quote:

“Electric vehicles have the potential to be one of the most disruptive technologies the modern electricity grid has faced in the last one hundred years,” said Francesco Venturini, head of Enel’s Global e-Solutions division, in a statement. “The electric mobility revolution is leading utilities, grid operators, and consumers to rethink traditional business models, invest in new infrastructure, and roll out new solutions to provide flexibility and resiliency to the grid.”

READ: “Electrical safety all a matter of awareness” | NRECA

A car crash involving teenager in Indiana brought utility pole and live wires to the ground after spinning out. Thanks to a lesson learned from a co-op sponsored demonstration at their high school–only a few days prior–one of the students involved knew exactly what to do, or more importantly, what not to do during the crisis. Read more after the jump.

STORY: Novinium teams respond to Hurricane Irma | T&D World

A first hand account from a Novinium team member recounting his time aiding those affected by #HurricaneIrma with his crew, now on the T&D World Hurricane Blog.


READ: Researchers use fiber optic cables as earthquake detectors | UberGizmo

The use-cases for underground cables have a brand new addition, thanks to researchers from Stanford. Fiber optic cables are widely used for transmitting a majority of internet connections beneath cities. In new research out of Palo Alto, these cables may be able to also help us detect, track and predict earthquakes.

REPORT: Illinois regulators tighten rules for retail electricity marketers | Utility Dive

The Illinois Commerce Commission began examining retail market techniques following a spike in electricity prices during the polar vortex winter of 2013-2014, which subsequently led to a sharp increase in public complaints about retail suppliers’ marketing practices. For consumers, regulators say it’s a “big win”.


EVENTS: ECNE Fall Conference, Minnesota Power Systems Conference (MIPSYCON), and FMEA

Most utilities have a backlog of underground cable rehabilitation work that must be addressed in order to meet system reliability targets; our goal is to help utilities proactively address these issues. We are very interested in hearing your perspective on how your organization tackles these issues today.

We’ll be in attendance at each of these events in the coming weeks. If your team will be in town for any of them, let’s put time on the calendar to grab a bite or coffee.

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WEBINAR: Smart Monitor Webinar II, now available to view for free On Demand | Novinium

Our PreVent Smart Monitor webinar is now available to view on demand. We encourage you to share this webinar with team members who you feel need to see it.

Key takeaways:

▪️ Manhole event risk factors, and why they are on the rise nationwide

▪️ Strategies to leverage real-time data analytics to boost system performance

▪️ How to prevent asset failures and mitigate risk through remote monitoring

Thanks for catching up with us. See you next week!