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Underground Cable Rejuvenation Doubles Its Life for Much Less than Replacement Cost

August 1, 2016

MEA “Successful Practice” Series examines operational challenges that utilities have overcome, and shares the best practices that have achieved successful outcomes.

MEA Energy Delivery News & Solutions, August, 2016

Successful Practice Challenge: Underground cables make up about 18% of U.S. power lines, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The EIA also reported that nearly all new residential and commercial developments have underground electric service, but that underground power lines cost five to 10 times more than overhead wires, don’t last as long, and cost more to replace. What are utilities doing to extend the life of underground cable and add to customer reliability?

Successful Practice Solution: More and more utilities, including SRP, Duke Energy, Dayton Power & Light and hundreds of others have hired Novinium, a company that has proven its cable rejuvenation process saves utilities time and money.