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This Week In Utilities, October 6, 2017: “Novinium Attends ICUEE”

October 6, 2017

Welcome back to #TWIU. Every Friday, we round up the week’s best reads and most notable events occurring within the utilities and energy industries.

Here’s what you may have missed this week:

WATCH: Novinium –  Jacque from Novinium shows us around #ICUEE 2017

We had a blast finding our way around ICUEE 2017 in sunny Louisville, KY. The event was – tremendous, not only in attendance and spirits, but definitely in size as well.

Our very own Jacque Riehl takes us on a quick and fun survey of ICUEE, both inside and outside areas. To everyone who we got to meet in KY this past week, thanks so much for taking time to chat at booth #3153.


NEWS: Utility Dive – 28 utilities join RESTORE program to boost grid resilience, reliability

A total of 28 utilities, including PPL Electric Utilities, Tennessee Valley Electric Coop, and Louisville Gas and Electric, have committed to the RESTORE program, a collaborative effort among utilities designed to enhance the resilience and reliability of the power grid.


NEWS: Reuters – Power blackout leaves darkened Puerto Rico paralyzed and isolated 

Related: US senators call on US electric utilities to aid Puerto Rico

READ: Tech Crunch – The new electric utilities

Read this for a look ahead into the future of utilities, for customers of today, and most importantly tomorrow.

Lede: An ideal electric utility costs less, is good for the planet and reduces the chances of losing power completely. And it doesn’t ask us to give up creature comforts like AC.

New utilities are enabled by new technologies and business models, not fuels.


READ: Novinium – September Novinium News by Glen Bertini

The September edition of the Novinium News, written every month by our CEO Glen Bertini, is now live and entitled “The Safety Responsibility”. Read it now.


REPORT: Reuters –  Special Report: The bankrupt utility behind Puerto Rico’s power crisis

4,000 utility workers – linemen, power plant operators, mechanics – were lost by the “chronically underfunded” Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority over the past 5 years.


READ: Co-op News – Electric co-ops stepping in to fill America’s rural broadband gap

Insights from USA’s into how electric coops can deliver rural broadband.


WEBINAR: Novinium – Smart Monitor Series pt. 2 w/ Branko Horvat and Lee

Join the second webinar in our series on the latest manhole environment monitoring technology. Novinium’s own Branko Horvat Jr and Lee Getzewich will teach you:

– Manhole event risk factors, and why they are on the rise nationwide
– How to evaluate manhole event solutions
– How to systematically reduce the risk of manhole events
– How to prevent asset failures and mitigate risk through remote monitoring of environmental and infrastructure data


Thanks for catching up with us. See you next week!