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This Week In Utilities: Hurricane Harvey

September 1, 2017

Over the past week plus, Hurricane Harvey has devastated coastal Texas, and especially the city of Houston. Until the water goes down, there’s no telling yet just how much is salvageable. For those affected, these are dark days, literally.

Among the chaos, utilities and co-ops in Texas are doing all they can to turn the lights back on, and in turn, add back some normalcy in most uncertain times.

Here are some of selected pics, snaps and stories from the past week. We hope they serve as steadfast reminders of the resilience, bravery, and selflessness lineman exhibit every day.

Goosebump-inducing photo of linemen beginning to stage in Corpus Christi, TX.  (Photo by FB user Charlie Tremper)


READ: NRECA News – Harvey’s Wrath: A Personal Account

Incredibly moving and powerful account of from an electric co-op team member, via

“Cooperation amongst co-ops is a principle that must never be underestimated, especially during disasters.”


Proving once again the unwavering integrity of lineman.


NEWS: Co-op News – US co-ops and credit unions rush to aid communities hit by Hurricane Harvey

Lede: “Electric co-ops in Texas and Louisiana are battling to restore power while the rest of the movement is working to help stricken communities.”

The National Guard help residents hit by floods in Houston (Photo: Texas Military Department)


NEWS: Green Tech Media –Hurricane Harvey Is Putting Texas Grid Resiliency to the Test

Smart meters are helping Texas utilities identify outages, but the ultimate challenge still remains in getting the power back on.


NEWS: CNBC – Texas utilities struggle to restore power as Harvey hampers progress

  • About 280,000 Texas customers were without power on Monday, according to four of the state’s investor-owned utilities.

We will continue to update as more pertinent stories, tweets, and pictures become available. Stay safe in the south, and thank you to the utilities, co-ops, and volunteers who are making a difference.

See you next week.