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Welcome to Novinium’s Intern Team of 2019

July 30, 2019
Enjoying a team-building opportunity on the Puget Sound. Pictured from left to right; Rodrigue Tonfack (Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer), Sam Pina, James Steele (VP of Engineering), Kenny Roberts, Vincent Overney

Novinium, provider of electrical cable rejuvenation for power utilities, is entering into its 12th year offering a comprehensive, engineering internship program for university students at their headquarters in the Seattle region.  Each year, our goal is to bring on a few students who show an exceptional understanding of engineering fundamentals and an aptitude for working in a team environment and taking ownership of tasks. “The intern program has become a way for the engineering team to give back to the education system that gave us similar opportunities as students and helped galvanize our passion for the field of product design and engineering,” says Vice President of Engineering, James Steele.

After 12 years of having this program, it has become an integral part of Novinium’s DNA.  This year’s recruitment was extremely competitive and yielded an exceptional group of interns who provide a well- rounded mix of skills.  We look for students who are good communicators, able to work independently, and interested in learning something new. “Part of the intent of the program is to choose individuals that provide a range of skills and skill levels so they can learn from and assist each other”, says Kevin Laux, one of Novinium’s Mechanical Engineers.  The program is designed to provide real-world experience. With the support of the Novinium Engineering team, each of the interns is expected to produce engineering quality work. “The interns are invited to all project team meetings, encouraged to participate in brainstorms, and assist in testing, design, and documentation”, says Laux.

This year we are excited to welcome three new interns who were selected from a pool of over 100 impressive and qualified candidates.  Those selected were Vincent Overney, a junior at the University of Washington and Kendric Roberts a senior at Seattle University. Two years ago, we expanded our program to also recruit one standout high school candidate looking to pursue a degree in engineering. This year we were pleased to find Samuel Pina, a student who will start at the University of Washington as a junior after graduating from Kent-Meridian Highschool with his Associate’s degree through their running start program. 

Having an intern program not only helps the participants, but it’s also become incredibly beneficial to Novinium’s Engineering team. “Not only are we able to find and help develop top talent, but we are also able to provide an opportunity for growth and enable leadership development in our current employees,” says Laux. Helaina Hurwitz joined Novinium last year as an intern and was hired on after the program as an Associate Engineer. Going from intern to associate, Hurwitz, has played an essential role in helping shape the projects our interns are working on and has focused on ensuring they receive real experience working alongside our engineers. “So far, our interns have been incredibly successful and have enabled us to cut production and QA times in-half for a few integral projects” shares Hurwitz, “I can’t wait to see what they accomplish throughout the summer.”

Stay tuned as we plan to follow them through their journey this summer