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What the Heck is Cable Rejuvenation?

October 14, 2015

If only we could do for humans what we do for underground residential distribution (URD) cables. Imagine that as you approached the end of your life, you could drink a magic elixir and within a week you could perform at your peak in every way for another 40 years. That is precisely what Novinium® brand Cablecure® rejuvenation fluid does for URD cables. Your power utility has another option, it can replace the aging URD cable with new cable. The new cable will perform reliably, but installing it will tear up streets and landscaping, take a lot longer, squander scarce world resources, and cost 2 to 5-times more, which must ultimately be reflected in your electric rates. Cablecure rejuvenation is a safer, faster, and better alternative.

  • What causes underground cables to fail?
  • What are water trees and why do they cause underground cables to become unreliable?
  • How does rejuvenation recycle scarce world resources?
  • For how long does rejuvenation work?

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