Cablecure Full-Service
Cable Rehabilitation

Novinium can evaluate your system and develop a customized plan to help you maximize reliability for a significantly greater percentage of your network compared to traditional abandon and replace programs. Cablecure is the most capital-efficient way to address your underground cables.

Find out more today about our products and services


Find out more today about our products and services


Novinium is the only full-service power cable expert that partners with utility companies of all sizes to keep their networks operating at peak performance, using the most advanced, capital-efficient, environmentally friendly methods available. Novinium invented the revolutionary technology behind underground cable rejuvenation 30+ years ago, and the company continues to champion ways to keep power flowing to those who depend on it.

Cablecure Full-Service Cable Rehabilitation

Novinium’s proprietary Cablecure technology has been proven to restore cable to better than new performance and is guaranteed for up to 40 years.

PreVent Manhole Event Prevention

Novinium PreVent™ is an innovative system designed to help utilities protect people and property from dangerous manhole events.

Linemen Services

Experienced and professional crews are available to deliver world-class utility solutions to meet your project objectives.

Customer Spotlight

10+ Years of Renewed Service Reliability for Salt River Project with Novinium Cable Rejuvenation

“We are seeing cable failure rates of less than 1 percent. Through cable rejuvenation, we are significantly improving SRP’s bottom line.”

Richard Hudson, Engineering Supervisor
Salt River Project



SRP Case Study Video

Novinium’s products and services are used by more than 300 utility customers worldwide. Isn’t it time for you to join them?

CF Industries
Clark Public Utilities
City of St. Charles
Greenwood Utilities
Inland Power
CPS Energy
Dayton Power & Light
Empire District
Hydro One Brampton
Great Lakes
Hess Corporation
Salt River Project
Salmon River
Homer Electric
Fortis Alberta
London Hydro
Tanner Electric
Tacoma Power
Mountain View Electric Association
Ergon Energy
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
Littleton Electric Light Department
Duke Energy