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Abnormal Operational Excursions—Reclosers

April 14, 2010

Abnormal Operational Excursions—Reclosers


Repeated operation of reclosures to find overhead faults is an example of an “Abnormal Operational Excursion” in your warranty language, which suspends the warranty’s remedy. We only use one shot autoreclosures, but sometimes we close a fuse feeding the U/G back in only to have it open again because we misinterpreted the fault location.  Do we have to track this for 120 days?


No matter what the temperature, there are no record retention requirements imposed by our warranty. The intent is that the circuit owner—that’s you—not perform abusive operating practices. Specifically it appears that you are referring to the underlined text below taken from Novinium’s standard warranty language. Note that the recloser operations are abnormal only if the recloser is operated to clear overhead faults. Most people would agree that this is not a “best practice.” Life insurance doesn’t payout if the insured commits suicide—practice safe operations!

Abnormal Operational Excursion(s) includes non-routine maintenance or operations prior to the segment failure such as: (1) conductor currents or neutral current greater than circuit design constraints; (2) operating temperature greater than circuit design; (3) repeated operations of re-closers, whether manually or automatically operated, as a method to clear overhead faults; (4) physical manipulation of the segment including dig-ins; or (5) any other operational practice, act of a third party, or act of God (except lightning strikes), which is believed to degrade the reliability of connected circuits.