A Cable Too Long

Q: I am currently reviewing a URD circuit with a cable segment that is 6,200′ per our one-line and GIS. It is our regular #2 db [direct buried] cable. I am considering the installation of pull-boxes to break up the many long segments prior to attempting injection. What is the practical limit to TDR [time-domain reflectometer] testing? What is the practical injection limit? I assume in the best case that there at least a construction splice every 2000 feet, but there may be more that have to be replaced.


Benzene Q: Do Novinium Cablecure 732/733 [Ultrinium™] fluids contain the carcinogen, developmental toxin, and male reproductive toxin benzene as Cablecure iXL [Perficio™ 011] fluid does? A: Sleep well tonight. No. Cablecure iXL [Perficio 011] fluid is based upon phenylmethyldimethoxysilane (PMDMS) fluid disclosed by U.S. Patent 4,766,011 and invented by a Novinium founder over two decades ago. PMDMS-based…