Hybrid Injection

Circuit owners can choose to employ both low- and moderate-pressure methods to maximize the number of segments injected, avoid digging difficult splices, and seal cable ends so fluid does not fill elbows and splice bodies. Novinium can choose, on a segment-by-segment basis, which is the best injection method based on the circuit owner’s directives.

Hybrid injection, also known as Tailored Injection™, means the circuit owner can choose improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (iUPR) for splices that flow or where the splice is somewhere that is inaccessible or economically unattractive to dig, and can choose Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) for all clear runs and runs with blocked splices. Only Novinium offers hybrid injection, which delivers the best cable reliability for the maximum number of segments and matches the rejuvenation approach to the circuit owner’s budget and project needs.

We particu­larly liked Novinium’s hybrid approach to injection — treat each segment with the injection method that makes the most sense for that segment — since this approach allows for the maximum number of cables to be treated and has the greatest impact on reliability.

—Wes Robertson, Line Manager, Empire District Electric Company

Hybrid Injection
“I liked the flexibility of the Novinium processes. On segments with no splices, it took only one visit to the transformer … a major plus for us. We want to inject and be done that day, and get a 40-year warranty. Since we did not want to dig splices, injection elbows would allow us to flow through splices where possible. The fact that we could complete the injection the next day, instead of having to dedicate additional labor resources to collect the soak tanks 60 days later, eliminated the need to set up a system to keep track of everything. Novinium completed this project on time and under budget. It was really great to observe the flexibility Novinium was able to demonstrate to us, because they have more than a single tool.”
—Luke Hoffman, Electrical Engineer & Project Manager, Rocky Mountain Power