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Merry Masters

December 18, 2012

Merry Masters


It was a pleasure corresponding with you this year, toward a better understanding of cable rejuvenation. I also appreciate all the material you provided regarding cable testing.

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally wish you and your adoptive family a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.



Thank you for the kind sentiments. I am hopeful that your holiday season will be filled with great times with those who you love. I’ll take this opportunity to wish all of mankind and creature-kind a wondrous holiday season and a prosperous 2013.

A glance at our Novinium Christmas tree reveals elements that you would expect to see. Presents donated by our masters going to foster children to brighten their holidays. Unblinking white lights symbolizing electrical reliability delivered with unrivaled craftsmanship. Candy canes to satiate the sweet tooth for all those Novinium masters who were good boys and girls. Dennis, no candy cane for you until you quit smoking—because we love you.

A closer examination, however, reveals ornaments fashioned out of power cables. The cables are of many constructions and from all over the world. An even closer examination reveals that the tree-top star is fashioned from the fanned-conductor-strands of a feeder cable. You might think that our star is kind of cheesy, but then being born in a manger was not a glamorous affair. That makeshift star reminds us that it isn’t the brightness of our lights that makes us good—it is the warmth we harbor in our souls. At least to me, Christmas is a time to thank God for Her good will.