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Lineman Services

Novinium offers a wide range of lineman services to help utilities tackle any project, extend capacity, or boost technical knowledge. Our expert lineman, known as the masters of reliability, receive rigorous training with an emphasis on safety to help utilities of all sizes keep underground power networks operating at peak performance. We can also provide comprehensive training courses to educate your staff lineman.


Set your project

Our teams will work with utility customers to identify where help is needed.

Identify a budget
and timeline

After we’ve established where help is needed, we create a customized project budget and timeline.

We go to work

We match our crews to your project and get to work on project objectives.

Lineman Services Include:

Contact us to see how Novinium’s linemen can help you.

Get Started

Master linemen are the heart of Novinium’s operations, delivering world-class utility solutions with the highest commitment to safety, reliability, and craftsmanship.

Our Master Linemen are available to step in and create a customized plan to meet your project needs

“You get access to Novinium master linemen and supervision that can tackle almost any project. The program is fully customized to your individual needs, and we’re committed to getting the job done safely, with outstanding craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service.” 

Glen Bertini
CEO, President & Chairman

Novinium's Lineman Services can support maintenance projects, installation needs or training

“Our teams of Master Linemen are available for almost any maintenance or training job you need help with, including beginning rejuvenation work early during certain times of the year. Let Novinium step in and provide a support plan that meets your repair or training needs.”

Mike Woodmansee
VP Operations, Western

Our Lineman Services program can provide needed education courses to support ongoing training programs
Experienced, professional crews at market-competitive rates